SEO and Search Ranking

Learn more about using SEO to improve your company's search ranking. 1 minutes read

Users online generate over 3.5 billion Google searches each and every day.

That's a "B" for "Billions".


Is your company named in those search results? Furthermore, is it named within the upper part of those results? The determining factor to being named within the upper part of these results (organically and not paying for advertising) is Search Engine Optimization, aka SEO.


Have you heard of SEO, but have no clue what it is?


SEO is how to properly develop your company's website (or company listings) for higher indexing within search engines (Google, Bing). The reason? Online users equate the upper part of search results as the most dependable companies, accentuating why search ranking is essential.

When a company is named within the top FIVE search results in Goggle, it tends to get almost 70 percent of user clicks. Let alone, when discovered from a cellphone search, a company can turn three-fourths of those clicks into a face-to-face transaction within 24 hours.

The practice is straightforward. A potential customer looks for a company on the web, confirms services fit demands, assesses the company's standing, establishes open hours, and then utilizes their GPS to locate your physical location.


What does this mean?


If you are not named in the upper part, your company is missing out!

So how can you get in this upper part of searches?

Remain visible to prospective customers by exercising the strength of SEO.


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Last updated on: 8 June, 2021