What are Listings and Do Listings Even Matter?

Find out more about the power of company listings and how they can help you attract more customers. 3 minutes read

 Let's start with the what? A business "listing" is an internet tool composed of essential business details. These details allow people to find your company on the internet and in person.

Let's simplify this a bit more for you. This short but easy-to-remember acronym (NAP+W) is all you need when starting a business listing for your company.

Name - Address - Phone + Website

It may seem straightforward, but not everyone remembers to include these 4 key details in their business listings. And without these, consumers won't have the potential to look for and locate your company online, let alone initiate contact.

However, a business listing needs more than just these bits of information to attract potential customers. Including details about your product or services, opening hours, and much more enables folks to make an educated choice.

Does My Company Listing Truly Yield More Customers?

It could! The effectiveness of a company listing is reliant on its internet presence AND exactness.

Nowadays, the opportunity for internet presence is abundant between social media sites like Twitter, search engines like Google, and directories like Yelp. Making sure each opportunity actually BENEFITS your company can be tricky because you also need the exactness throughout.

Go on.

Think about it. The more listings you have (PRESENCE), the more updates need to be made when changes occur within your company (EXACTNESS). But you don't have to sacrifice internet presence for simplicity!  


The team at LOCALSYNC knows what you need and has created an Online Business Dashboard that provides listing management tools. Manage your company "the right way" with all the required tools under one easy-to-use dashboard.

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Do Company Listings Even Matter?

Now that consumers can find your company because your listings are present and exact, it's time to address why listings matter. 

No More Furious Customers

Consumers tend to blame the business if its listing is not exact, causing them to lose faith in the business altogether. This reduction of faith will also drive your potential customer straight to your competitors.

Think about it. Who likes to drive to a business only to find that it's either not at the location provided in the listing or not open when it says it should be? The answer is no one! This is one surefire way to get furious customers.

Providing exact and consistent business listings guarantees customers can smoothly locate your company in person when using one of your online listings. Moreover, customers locating your company during open hours translates to money in your pocket. Not to mention your company will earn a chance at a new positive review versus a negative one from furious non-customers.

Reviews are a Significant Component of Listings

 A positive review system is essential to establishing a company's reputation on the web. Also, it generates brand loyalty.

Reviews provide customers the ability to share their ideas about your company with potential customers. Suppose a new customer can not locate your company's online listing to evaluate reviews and examine products and services. In that case, they can't make an educated choice in picking your company versus your rival.

The transparency created by reviews combined with access to those reviews in your listings will continue to maximize your business's presence online.

How Do Seach Engines Play a Part?

Exact and consistent company listings, collectively with exceptional customer testimonials, add valuable inbound links to your company website. And in turn, it will raise your company's ranking amongst search engines.

Search Engine Optimization (or, for short, SEO) is a rather involved system. But if done well, strong listing management provides a high yield on SEO standings at a reduced risk to your company. Higher search engine presence, in turn, creates more customers, increasing your bottom line. What owner wouldn't want that?

Here's a helpful article with a 10-Step Guide to Boosting Your Site Rank.

It's Easy to Get Started

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Last updated on: 18 June, 2021